Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Pain of Knitting

So today Anna and I went up to town. For the past couple weeks when i get together with the girls, Jenna, knits her throw that she's been working on. And i have been wanting to learn how to knit, so i decided that theres no better time than the present. So i bought knitting needles and yarn(Charcoal Grey), and called my grandma up and went to her house. She started the first couple of rows for me, and i have been working on it non stop ever since. The picture above is my work from the past four hours. I didn't realize though, how much pain that the tips of my pointer fingers would be from it, and my hands have been cramping. Its just those parts of my body that i'm not used to using. Hopefully i will finish up my scarf before we start school again, because i know once school starts, i wont have time to pick it up again. I'm sure i will though. Once i finish it up, i will post my final results.

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