Monday, January 17, 2011

week one... complete

Its been one week since ive started my new lifestyle change..... I am working out on a regular basis and eating better too! I worked out four days last week... and this morning i went to the gym again. Ive been going as a guest for the past few visits. But since i really like it so much, im going to figure out if its in my budget to actually join! Im trying to keep on a strict diet long enough for when its time for jens wedding! i need a new dress for it, and i want to buy a super cute one, that i will feel and look great in! Im not only doing it for the wedding, but myself. Its time to live on the healthy side... and being on this side makes me feel awesome! i have a journal that i write down everything im eating, and what workouts i did for the day. And im also taking my vitamins! Oh and you cant forget about water, i drink on average... about, 72-96 ozs a day.
Were going to see kelli this weekend! im so pumped for this girls weekend! In my journal however, this is my "blind weekend", because lets face it!, its a girls weekend and theres no way im going to be able to work out and eat healthy all weekend! haha... Thats all for now! have a lovely day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello World

How you been? Good to see you my only friend!.....
I know, its been a while! But im back now! lots has been going on lately! First off... i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the beginning of your new year! Its 2011??? Holy Moly!!! thats nuts! I havent done anything too exciting this new year... Technically i should have been going to school right now, but i decided that im going to go into CNA right now... so i dont start school until February! And the program is only a 4 week program. Im super pumped for it... and also pumped to get out of Old Navy.... 4 years there is way too long..... im over it haha.

I had such a productive morning today.... First i worked at 6... and then i got off at 9.... After i got home grandma gave my mom a buzz and asked if i wanted to join her for a visit at the gym.... Which i was totally up for! because, although i have been working out lately.... My basement is not the same as the gym. It was super fun to work out on something other then a treadmill or my usual yoga. We worked out for a good 45 minutes.... i think im going to go back next week and get a free one week trial.... Eventually i am going to join when its more in the budget, probably next month. But for now The good ol' treadmill and the dumb bells will have to suffice.

I guess i can mention that i have started to knit my first blanket! I am so pumped on it! I got a whole bunch of knitting stuff for christmas, including enough yarn to make a blanket!!!! Its down to my knees from my waste right now.... still have a ways to go until i finish... but im so proud of it!

Well thats all for now... have a lovely evening! :)