Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Canadian Tenors~ The Prayer

Sorry about the crappy quality... but it was the only version i could find! Such a beautiful version!

Its a Wonderful Life

So as of August 2011... Myself and a majority of my family chose a new path and started going to a different church. We just felt that there was something bigger for ourselves out there. Its Shalom Lutheran Church in Pinckney and we absolutly love it! I have never felt such a close relationship with God since i have started going there. Although i am not able to make it every sunday, when i am there, it is such a great feeling!
I am a Christian. I know that Jesus died for my sins, and that i have an awesome God! I pray nearly every single day, and i talk to God on a daily basis. He is my Strength... and without prayer i feel weak.
I even feel closer to my family! Which is amazing... We have so much more communication with religion now, it is such a beautiful thing!
I knew that Shalom was the right church for myself when i walked in those doors! I didnt feel strange or weird... automatically i was welcomed, and i was able to sit back and enjoy the service that our Pastor was giving that day.
I know that i am not perfect, and i cant please everyone. But i hope that everyone knows that i do try my best to be the best person i want to be and i know He wants me to be.
I guess i am posting this because i still feel like our decision hasnt been accepted by all people. And in case your wondering, we are doing beatifully! I hope that whoever you are, reading this, you understand me, and accept me. Because i accept you, and whatever you choose... no matter what lifestyle, i have no judgement, i accept you.
Now im signing off for the rest of the Holiday Season... Enjoy this time, and remember why we celebrate Christmas.
Until next Year! :)

Love and Gods Peace,