Thursday, December 25, 2008

I hope that everyone had a wonderful christmas! We had a very nice christmas. I wanted to start off by congratulating my cousin keith and his wife katie... they are expecting their second!!! I also wanted to congratulate my other cousin. No names yet. I'll let them announce. :) Although I'm sure most of you know who...
My christmas gifts consisted of two this year. Usually we do three gifts from santa for each kid. Its always been this way in our house. My mom likes the idea of giving three gifts like the gifts each of the three wise men brought. This year i got a gift card, and a cross necklace. The necklace is white gold, and has real diamonds in it! I was really really excited, because i have never gotten any diamonds before!
Now that christmas is over, its time to look forward to new years! I'm going over to Jennys house for a new years party, and have no idea what to bring!! Any suggestions???

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