Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day...

So today we had nooo school!!!!! I'm not exactly sure how much we have gotten yet, but its still falling.
Tonight i'm going to a christmas party with all of my friends. I'm excited cuz they are all home from college now. Altough one cant make it tonight, i'll still get to see her sometime over break. I've been going nuts, because i made soo many treats for the party. I made those hershey kisses on top of a pretzel, and i made frosting dipped in pretzel rods, rolled in crushed candy canes. But of course having hungry kids in the house, they felt the need to take with out asking. I threw a slipper at mark. ha ha. it did nothing but encourage him to take more. So i put them in my moms room and locked the door.
I work soo much next week. I also have to work on christmas eve, 11-7. I'm soo bummed about that. i can still make it to my uncles, but i'll be fashonably late. I hope we get out early though. We will probably leave right as we close(which is 6).
Well more later.

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