Friday, January 30, 2009

Formal Cap and Gown

Heres some Pics my mom took in the traditional cap and gown...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Done with High School!!!

Sorry its been soo long! But as you can see, i am finally done with school! Friday was my last day. I am so happy that i dont have to wake up tomorrow morning at five thirty! My weekend was really relaxed. After school friday i just knitted my scarf, and read. Than i worked on saturday and went out with the gang. And today i went into church, than my mom and dad took me out with anna, to celebrate. We went to Johnny Corinos in Town. This week i only work one day, Tomorrow, than i have through next wednesday off. My party is on saturday, and than next sunday through tuesday, i'm going out to my cousin kristines house! I am so excited for that, i always love going out there. We usually plan a few nights together when her husband goes out of town for buisness.

Now that i am done with school, i need to make money for college. I am just going to community college next fall, and i am going to take the program there to be an X-Ray Tech.

Well more later.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Long Time No Talk

Hey. Its been awhile. I've been busy with school work this week. I just finished a Psychology project last night, and presented it today. That always takes up a lot of my time. But the A is worth the work. Than i have had so much homework to do in government. I am actually in my lunch right now... i'm such a nerd, i always go to the library on my lunch. But my last day of school is coming up in ten days. only 8 more school days left!
We got so much snow on friday night through saturday. It really was nasty outside. Me and jenny went to Tahnee and Johns Wedding on saturday. What would normally take us a half hour took us an hour. We started off on the highway going 55 than the number slowly decreased to 35. We thought that the roads would have gotten better on the way home, but nooo. it was even worse going home. We were going 30 if we were lucky on the highway, but most of the time we were going about 25. That took us One hour and twenty minutes. Tahnees wedding was beautiful though. And i didn't want to miss her wedding, her bachlorette party was pretty nice too. My cousin Ryan and his wife Lynette came down from the U.P. Which was nice. I cant remember the last time that i saw them.
My blogs might be very scarce for the next week or so. Just because i have so much final work to do, with school winding down. But i'll be back! Em

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nearing the End of Grade School!

I had a blast this weekend! Janae and Keith are now engaged and so is Kelli and her fiance Dan! Thats my fourth wedding that i'm going to this year, one on sat., than Janae and Keith's in May, Than Kelli and Dans in June, than my cousin David and Katies in August. Good thing that i absolutly love weddings! Its so crazy how much my life is changing now. I just wish that we could all go back to being little kids with no worries. But enough about that...
So i only have two more full school weeks, than one full day, and three half days following that! Thats thirteen more days only! I am so excited. Being that this week will be the last week of really working. Because next week will be preparing for my exams. Which i'm not worried about! Than my Grad Party is at the end of the month. I'm excited for my party because i will see old friends and some relatives that i havnt seen in a while.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I hope that everyones 2008 year was safe, and your prepared for 2009! Its crazy that yet another year is just begining. I went to Jennys house last night. There was a bunch of us there. We had a blast playing bowling on their video games all night. Than we watched the ball drop at midnight, enjoyed some sparkling juice, and wailed some noise makers! Than we ended up watching a movie, and before you know it, it was four A.M.! I planned on staying the night, because i had to work at 9:30 this morning. So five A.M. rolls around and we hit the sack. Needless to say i received three hours of sleep last night. I'm surprisingly not all that tired today. But anywho... I'm ready for the weekened. I never know what i will end up doing, but i always have a blast! I also have all weekend off, so i'm very happy about that. More later, Peace!