Monday, February 22, 2010

The weekend is over... :(

Monday: 2/22- First day of watching Ava this week, isnt she just a doll!? :) Sunday 2/21: Jenna Bought new curtains for our balcany doorway the other day, and pulled them back with this gold ribbon! :)

Saturday 2/20: Some Scrapbooking that jenna did. I thought it was neat how she was making a "key to my heart" page, with keys all over it, as shes wearing the Key necklace that dave bought her.

The weekend is officially over. Not much happened this weekend. On Friday my mom and i spent a good part of the day together, and us girls went to coffee instead of hockey, I finished painting the kitchen on saturday, and sunday went to church, then worked, and watched the US vs Canada Olympic Hockey(GO USA!!! :))! So ya, it was a pretty chill kind of weekend. For the next couple of days i am watching Ava(steve and tammys baby). :) So it should be a fun weekend.

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