Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ive done a poor job keeping up with this...

So i have no valid excuse for my lack of post for this week, except my laziness. So heres my pictures for the week. :)
Friday 2/19: Jenna Bought a beautiful new coffee table last week from ikea! i absolutly looovvee it!!!!

Thursday 2/18: Painted the kitchen yellow today. Isnt it beautiful! :) Its oops paint too!

Wednesday 2/17: My work is having a sale!!! you can find a bunch of good deals like these for the next two weeks, only at Old Navy ;)

Tuesday 2/16: Have you ever read Night? Its about This authors true story of his struggle to survive the Holocoust. Its very good!

Monday 2/15: Jenny and i went and played in the snow tonight! Fun Times!

Sunday 2/14: Happy Valentines day all!

Saturday 2/13: Can you tell that a bunch of girls live here!? too many shoes!

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  1. Anonymous2/21/2010

    Thanks for sharing sugar!