Sunday, January 25, 2009

Done with High School!!!

Sorry its been soo long! But as you can see, i am finally done with school! Friday was my last day. I am so happy that i dont have to wake up tomorrow morning at five thirty! My weekend was really relaxed. After school friday i just knitted my scarf, and read. Than i worked on saturday and went out with the gang. And today i went into church, than my mom and dad took me out with anna, to celebrate. We went to Johnny Corinos in Town. This week i only work one day, Tomorrow, than i have through next wednesday off. My party is on saturday, and than next sunday through tuesday, i'm going out to my cousin kristines house! I am so excited for that, i always love going out there. We usually plan a few nights together when her husband goes out of town for buisness.

Now that i am done with school, i need to make money for college. I am just going to community college next fall, and i am going to take the program there to be an X-Ray Tech.

Well more later.

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  1. Congratulations! It must feel great to be done! Everyone told me I would miss school but I still say that I don't. I wouldn't mind running into a few of the people I graduated with, but as for school? It's good to be done! There's a whole lot of growing up that happens after that! Have fun at your party! Bummer that we can't be there!