Saturday, August 7, 2010

summers coming to rest.....

I know i know... its only the first week through august.... but i cant help but get excited! as much as i love summer, im ready to get back to school. After this break im totally pumped to get back in swing. School starts in just a few weeks. And the boys will be leaving shortly after that. The whole family is up north right now except for me brian and erik... so its been nice just having some quality time with my older brothers before they have to leave for another nine months. But im defiantly planning on visiting them this year. I havent been too good at all about going and seeing them.... not once actually. But Chandra and I are planning some weekend trips. I was able to cram my school schedule all into two days, which im very thankful for! So i will be able to take a long weekend trip with no fuss! I am pretty excited to go up north in the fall.... ive never seen the fall leaves up there, only pictures... and you know what they say, pictures wont do it justice.
The Ludington trip was such a good trip! Ive never gone on vacation anywhere but hermits cove. I will have to post the picture of all 11 of us who went when i get it. If your unaware, my cousin Kristine is expecting, so it was nice to see her and her little baby bump!
Not much else though....
enjoy the rest of your august if im not around ;)

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