Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome Fall!

Where in the world did september go? Theres only 3 days left in the month before Fall!!! thats just nuts!!!! Im not complaining though, this is my favorite time of the year! I absolutly love fall! And Everything about it... the colors, the smells, the cool air! I have already finished knitting a scarf, and im halfway trough another one that im making for Chandra, and i just started one up for Anna. My goal is to be a knitting queen by the end of winter... Ugh, winter.... i dont even want to think about snow on the roads yet. I can handle them on the ground, but driving in crazy weather like that is just terrifying!!!
I did however, just get home from a trip to the U.P. last night. It was so nice to see the boys again! We got a lot accomplished in our 3 days.... Chandra and i rolled in on wednesday night around 1130.. and we saw the boys for about an hour. Even though we wanted to visit longer, they still had school in the morning. So we hiked up to hills across the street to Chans aunt and uncles house... how lucky were we that we were so close to the boys? And let me tell you, we stayed in heaven while we were up there. Dawn and David have a beautifully finished basement... we had our own living room, bedroom, bathroom and sauna.... oh and a hot tub! It was like we were in our own little cottage! And in the morning when we woke up and got our coffee... we had this amazing veiw of the canal. I am so bummed that i didnt take pictures of it! next time though ;)
When we woke up thursday morning i drove myself out to the family camp to visit with my grandma for the day, and she made lasagna for dinner when the rest of the gang joined me later. Oh and did i mentioned we did a sauna swim??? Superior was cold, but not as frigid as i thought it would have been this time of year.
On Friday we all went to the Mine Shaft for some bowling, and went to Jims Pizza in Hancock for dinner.... then that night me brian and paul went out to kyds. It was so nice to see some old friends and catch up!
On Saturday we spent the day relaxing and watched Michigan kick some butt! Erik made us all dinner that night, sweet barbequed Pork Ribs... it was soo good!!!
And then Sunday came faster then i blinked, and we were on our way home... we did however stop in mackinaw to meet with some of the Kempeinens and ate lunch and did a little sight seeing....
It was a wonderful, beautiful, relaxing weekend.... we are planning on going on another trip in october!! :) i cant wait!!!

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