Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome Summer!

And it sure has been summer season, that is for sure! I'm pretty sure that this is the first officially day of summer! :) Kelli and Dan were in town last weekend. So we had fun with them! And for the past couple of weeks there were many grad party's to attend to! I'm pretty sure that my grad season is over for this year. Until next year that is!
I do have a lot to look forward to this summer though! Like the Poyhonen/Kempeinen kids camping trip to ludington!! I am super pumped for that! All of us older kids are going. There will be 12 of us going. I missed the trip the other year and heard that it was super fun. So i am very happy that i am able to make it this year! We are leaving almost in two weeks here, Thursday the 8th through Sunday the 11th. I plan on relaxing all weekend and spending some quality time with my cousins and my brothers! :)
Fourth of July is coming up as well! Like every year my family will be joining the kempeinens and watch fireworks at hudson mills! We have kept to this tradition ever since i can remember. They are phenomenal... they are on Saturday the 3rd, so if you have never been before you should defiantly go and check them out this year!
And then lastly, we are going to our cabin the first week in august! This is by far the vacation that i am looking forward to the most, and the vacation that i will always look forward to going on. Theres nothing better then spending a week at Hermits Cove with not a care in the world. Just clear your head and relax on the beach, or go berry picking if thats your taste. I try to not leave the camp, but i do enjoy heading into town once while im up there. And if were up to it, we take a day and go even further up to Copper Harbor. Thats where you have to buy the fudge! We also go to Fort Wilkens, an old Civil War Campsite. -very cool!
I have a lot to look forward to. Im trying to make the best of my summer, especially being on such a tight budget! I have a feeling though that this will be one of my favorite summers to come. :) Have a lovely rest of your month.

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