Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Brunch

Did you all watch the wedding? It was so beautiful!! We had Ladies over from my dads side, and we had the best brunch. Everyone arrived around 11am(we recorded the wedding), And we ate an amazing brunch. Mom made her amazing Asparagus Quiche, Aunt Carol made probably the best crepes i have ever eaten, and Grandma made a Brocolli Salad... And i made a white cake with my Grandma P's fluffy white frosting.. we had to have a wedding cake of course! We watched all of the wedding, about 4 hours long! It was such an experience to watch History in the Making. And we were all entertained by adorable Mr Jacob! It was the best day...

The most important wedding however, is only one week away.... Such a bittersweet feeling. Im so excited for two of my amazing friends/family to be gettng married, But so sad to see them move... Im going to miss Jenna so much! Shes one of my most Kindered friends! We have such a fun wedding weekend planned however! I cannot wait! :)

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