Saturday, April 23, 2011

I cant believe that two weeks from today.... Jenna and Dave will be getting married! Its so crazy how fast time flies by. Feels like just the other day jenna was calling me up and telling me they must got engaged! Now all the planning is done! I am so happy that this day is fast approaching.... but at the same time, so much is changing! Every year summer is way different, so it will be interesting to see what this summer will be like. Jenny and I are planning on being a couple of active bugs!! She just got a bike, and i would like to ride with her too, and roller blading as well! It will be one fun lonely summer! But Jenna and Dave will only be 3 hours away, so hopefully we will get to see them often. Although with the gas prices this summer!!!....ugh!
Hope everyone has a blessed Easter!!!
Much Love


  1. Emma isn't this crazy! You and jen will have to make a few trips down ;)

  2. We will be making trips down for sure!!!!