Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Unanswered Prayers

"Sometimes i thank God for unanswered prayers."
So things are looking up in my neck of the woods. I was in a tough spot for a little bit. Lost my job and everything seemed to just pile on top. But Ive started my CNA program and just got a job today. Its at Taco Bell. As much as i was not wanting to work here, i don't mind at all. Its a job, and im thankful that i was able to find one as quick as i did. Everything is starting to fall into place, and i couldn't be happier.
If your ever in a tough spot, just keep your chin up. Have faith that everything will work out. God has a plan for us, and with patience and your faith in him, will help you through trials and tribulations. Life has so much to offer, and we are all so blessed for everything that we are given. I am so thankful that Ive had my friends by my side this past couple of months. Thank you girls so much! You make my life so much easier with your support. You know who you are.
And my Mom and Dad... I wouldn't be who i am without you. Thank you for your love and support through all my dumb mistakes, and troublesome times. I love you guys with all my heart and owe you the world.
God Bless you all! :)


  1. I love you so much em, I never had any doubt that things would look up for you, and that they did in a timely fashion! You are one of the most important people in my life and words can not express how much I value you! Love you girl

  2. So glad to hear that you got a job! Everything works out :)