Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Perfect Spring Day

Today i had the best day ever! :) I got an early start, and went out for the day with my Auntie Carol, and Uncle Paul. My Uncle Paul always goes to lunch with a friend of his in canton every week. So I tagged along this time, and we dropped him off at the usual, and we went and did our girl stuff! We went to Hobby Lobby. And holy cow! that was the first time i had ever been in there, and it was amazing! So much stuff!!! I wish we had one closer to us! I was in heaven when i walked down the Poster aisle and the Knitting aisle! After Aunt Carol got her water color paints, we went to Chilis for lunch. Now listen to this awesome deal, I got a half sandwich, a bowl of amazing baked potato soup, and a side of fries for 6 bucks!!!! Can you beleive it??? Only six bucks. It was so amazing. Then when we were finished we picked up uncle paul and went back to Pinckney, and I spent the afternoon visiting with my sweet aunt. It was so nice to spend the day with her. I love that Lady so much! and i always thouroughly enjoy her company! :) And now im spending the evening with some friends, and were watching the season finale of our favorite show! :)
Thats all here! Have a Blessed Day! :)

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