Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello World

How you been? Good to see you my only friend!.....
I know, its been a while! But im back now! lots has been going on lately! First off... i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the beginning of your new year! Its 2011??? Holy Moly!!! thats nuts! I havent done anything too exciting this new year... Technically i should have been going to school right now, but i decided that im going to go into CNA right now... so i dont start school until February! And the program is only a 4 week program. Im super pumped for it... and also pumped to get out of Old Navy.... 4 years there is way too long..... im over it haha.

I had such a productive morning today.... First i worked at 6... and then i got off at 9.... After i got home grandma gave my mom a buzz and asked if i wanted to join her for a visit at the gym.... Which i was totally up for! because, although i have been working out lately.... My basement is not the same as the gym. It was super fun to work out on something other then a treadmill or my usual yoga. We worked out for a good 45 minutes.... i think im going to go back next week and get a free one week trial.... Eventually i am going to join when its more in the budget, probably next month. But for now The good ol' treadmill and the dumb bells will have to suffice.

I guess i can mention that i have started to knit my first blanket! I am so pumped on it! I got a whole bunch of knitting stuff for christmas, including enough yarn to make a blanket!!!! Its down to my knees from my waste right now.... still have a ways to go until i finish... but im so proud of it!

Well thats all for now... have a lovely evening! :)

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