Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation #1

We had such a great time in Petoskey! We always go camping every year with all the kids in our family,and cousins on our dads side... this year there was 12 of us, mostly everyone could make it! :) The weather was awesome for the most part, up until saturday evening/ through most of sunday morning.. we had rain! It was so nice having a vacation, and it makes my next one want to come asap... only one week 2 days until im bound for th U.P. with Jenny! :) Heres Some pics from the trip!

 Our Campsite... The entire site was like this, so nice and secluded!
 We went to Charlevoix on our way home, It was a beautiful town, just like Petoskey!
 Steven Just hanging out on the lighthouse!

 My favorite picture from the trip! :)
 Me and Anna again
 The Marina in Petoskey, so many nice Boats out there! Some for sale for way more then a nice home!
 The Pinto Ship, it was too late to take a tour.. bummer!
 Mark kept saying that this was where he belonged!
 Haha... Brian is always so cooperative taking pictures!
 Me and Brian
 Me and Kurtie!! :) There was a sailboat in the backround, but we couldnt get a good enough picture with it behind us! :(
 My favorite picture i took of Kurtie at the Marina
 Haha... Kurt is also very cooporative when taking pictures!
 Anna and Erik
 And after much convincing... we were able to get all the guys together for a family photo!
 Mark at the Peir
 This was the Pathway in the campground to get to the beach! So pretty!
 I slipped on these stairs, and got a pretty massive bruise on my arm! No fun!
 We went and played putt putt one day, a lot of fun, but of course it got competitive!
 A super fancy ice cream parlor that we went to... They actually have one in Ann Arbor... Ill have to take the girls there sometime! :)
 We played many many games of Volleyball... And again it got competitive again... but we had a lot of fun!
 Kurt and Brian... i tried getting the sunset, but failed...
 So i ended up walking down to the beach to get a picture

Some of the Petoskey stones that were found on the trip... they werent too hard to find.. we all ended up with some!

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