Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well summer is upon us! and in full swing! Its been hot hot hot these past few days... great for trips to the lake... bad if you have nothing to do! The other day i took Kurtie to my friends like house in town... he has been bugging me for the past month to take him, so he can go tubing and swimming. Well Sam and I both had the same day off, so we were like, perfect! But of course it stormed in the morning/ early afternoon. Thats where the picture comes in, the clouds looked so cool over the lake! So by about 230, the sun finally came out for the rest of the day. We took the boat out and took Kurt for his first tubing excursion! He really enjoyed it, but he definatly didnt like to go too fast! The poor kid was burnt by the end of the day, i had asked him like 5 times if he wanted sunscreen on, but nooo, he had to be tough about it and refused that "sissy" stuff! Yea he was a lobster, Hate to say it but i told you so! Well this weekend is balloon fest already! It came up on us soo fast! Were going tomorrow night, so hopefully it will be a great night!
Then theres some other random pictures from some other summer fun! :)

       The Storm clouds over Portage lake!
                                Me Kurt and Anna on fathers day (enjoying the new hammock we dad got!) :)
                                       We went to Kristines house for a few days, just us being, us! :)
                                                          Me and sissy by the pool at Kristines!
                                                                      Kristine Anna and Me
                            Me and Jacob, he LOVED the shower at the pool! Just kept turning it on and off!
                                                  And finally, one of Me Anna and Jacob!

God Bless!

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