Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Sick

I cant remember the last time i was this sick.... Not feeling good at all!!
It all started on saturday... and has just gotten worse! Its just the worst cold imaginable! Every day there is something else wrong with me!
Yesterday i had to call of work... i was running a slight fever on and off all day, and was coughing myself a headache, and nearly throwing up. And today i had to call off again, because my throat is killing me and a really deep red, and i have the same cough. Im scared im going to lose my voice as well, it keeps getting lower and lower. Ugh, i need to feel better by friday! i cannot afford to lose anymore work!
And i know that rest is supposed to help... but i cant sleep! When i do go to sleep, i dont fall asleep until late, im up every hour, and i wake up early!
Please go away by friday... please go away!!!

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