Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"The Days go By"

I have been so busy with work lately that i forget about my blog! Works going really good though. i love my job a target. I love the people who i work with most of all! Everyone is so nice there! I mostly work the Starbucks, which i love!!! I have always had a secret passion for being a Barista, and its wonderful! As if i dont love tea and coffee already, i get to have it all the time now... although it doesnt come cheap, and let me tell you, if you go to starbucks, dont ask for a calorie count... because even if you get the "skinny" version... its not... sorry hun, but its not! Its fun though, i even have regulars that come in and i get to chat with them too! In case you didnt know, im a chatter, whether i know ya or not!
I had a sweet old man in my work the other day and he got a straight up black coffee... and we just chatted for 20 minutes while he was waiting for his daughter to finish up her shopping. He was so sweet! :) it always makes my day when i get to chat with people like him!
Ive been a training queen there lately though... because i was hired in on cashier and starbucks, and now im trained at guest service, and im training on the sales floor this week. So if your ever in Target theres a good chance you'll see me! :)
Well there really isnt anything else going on in my simple life... but if there is ill let you know :)

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